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Ragged with Wisdom

24.7.2017 HKG/HK

Upper-middle class mindfulness

My therapist told me to find things I'm grateful for. Because apparently that's what happy people do. So as my time in Hong Kong comes to an end here's a few things I'm grateful for.

  • I'm grateful that I can afford to see this world and make my own art.

  • I'm grateful for a partner that understands why I become irrationally afraid/depressed/sad/insular sometimes and who just offers an immeasurable love when I need it most.

  • I'm grateful for dumplings and oolong tea.

  • I'm grateful for this break, even if it was so short. It helped clear my mind and make decisions that need to be made.

  • I'm grateful that I've got five rolls of film waiting to be developed.

  • I'm very grateful for KT tape right now.

  • Most of all I am grateful for the people that I've loved, love and will love in this world.