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13.1.2016 MEL/VIC

One more lens is okay.

I'll always like shooting with film, Its not as forgiving as digital, you're forced to prepare your shot and there's something about film grain that photoshop just can't emulate yet. Up until recently I used to use a Rolleiflex SL66, a beautiful camera with a 120 film back but sadly the back has given up and has become an expensive paperweight (till I get it fixed). Anyway out with the old and in with the slightly older. The Leica CL with a shiny Voigtlander 35mm ƒ1.4.

I've heard mixed reviews on both the CL and Voigtlander lenses, mainly by Leica purist insisting that the "M" is the only worthwhile film camera and that a Leica body demands a Leica a lens. So while I would love to drop a pretty penny on a summicron, I need to be sensible with my hobby and limit myself to the offerings of eBay.

All said and done, I'm placated for the moment and looking forward to working with a rangefinder this time.