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24.6.2017 MLB/VIC

Gear Acquisition Syndrome

For the last couple of years I've been shooting on Olympus OMD EM-1.
It's a beautiful, small, a workhorse of a camera and paired with the pro lens series it gives some amazing results.

But the time has come for an upgrade. I want to print bigger, crop more and thanks to the amazing support and encouragement from my partner we've been getting out and making photography more of a habit to help deal with my anxiety and depression so I feel totally justified in wanting more gear. Gear Acquisition Syndrome be dammed!

The OMD EM-1 Mark 2 was promising but it looked like the main feature compared to the Mark 1 was an upgraded sensor. This wasn't really a big selling point for me considering the price. I'd also being eyeing off full frame cameras for some time now. I ended up with the Canon 6D. It's a nice size for a full frame, handles well and the quick settings panel on the top is a really nice feature.

Stay tuned for some actual photos.