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9.1.2018 MLB/VIC

Gear Acquisition Syndrome Part 2

A few months back I added the Canon 6D to my collection. It's been a fantastic camera and I've taken some nice photos with it. The only real issues from a photography/usage standpoint have been RAW images are always a bit dark before processing, changing exposure and ISO on the fly isn't the easiest thing and having to actual use a toggle to switch on live view is annoying. My biggest grip is it's heavy! Carrying a brick around your neck heavy. Not the best thing for a "street photographer".

So it's a new year and new (second hand) camera time.

I picked up the Leica M240 with the 50mm Summicron M today.

From the few hours of use today, it's perfect. Minimal with its controls and settings. You switch it on (wait a second ☹️) and off you go. My other prime is a 35mm so it's taking some getting use to standing a little further back. The body is almost as heavy as the 6D but without the massive lens on it, it's comparable to the OMD. Should have some new images up shortly.